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Business Tips – Choosing A Name For Your Business

As a bonus installment to our business tips series, we are pleased to provide a review of the classifications of business names under trademark law.  Each of these categories of names has different protections under trademark law. In general, the more unique the name is, the more protections that it receives.  A thoughtfully selected business […]

Macomb-OU Incubator Will Present an Informational Session on Growth for Technology Based Start-Up Companies.

The Macomb-OU Incubator is hosting an informational session to help tech start-up companies bring their product to market. John Eaton, a Macomb OU client strategist, will lead the discussions and help participants understand how to take advantage of the many business resources offered in the the State of Michigan. The range of topics to be […]

Business Tips – Protecting Your Trademarks or Service Marks

In this last installment of our three-part series on trademark protection, we explain the steps that are necessary to protect a business’ trademarks from competitors who seek to gain an unfair advantage through the use of an already established name. Businesses should be proactive in protecting their trademarks from potential infringers to prevent their marks […]

Demorest Law Firm Will Offer Legal Seminar for Hotel Personnel

Demorest Law Firm has partnered with the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau to present “Is It Legal?,” a seminar for hotel management and event planners. The seminar will be hosted by Demorest Law Firm attorneys Melissa Demorest LeDuc, Charlie Barnes, and Lisa Okasinski. Our experienced attorneys will cover a variety of industry-specific subjects, including […]

Perceived “Bad Business Decisions” Do Not Necessarily Demonstrate Discriminatory Practices

Businesses are not infrequently tasked with making decisions on promoting or demoting parts of their workforce. Some employees may become upset when they are passed over for promotions by other employees whom they perceive to be incompetent or unqualified. The Court in Payment v. DOT, 2017 Mich App LEXIS 1295, *9, ruled that these business […]

Former Employer’s Disclosure of Threats to New Employer Does Not Create Liability for Defamation

Recently, the Court in Viggers v. Al-Azhar F. Pacha & ALPAC, 2017 Mich App LEXIS 1323, *3 came to an interesting conclusion regarding an employer’s ability to inform a former employee’s new employer of incidents which called the employee’s character into question. In that case, Defendant Pacha, owner of ALPAC, informed the University of Michigan, […]

Right to Contract Extends into the Courtroom

The Court in Bacow v. Master Beat, Inc., 2015 Mich. App. LEXIS 2032, *1, touched on a topic near and dear to most corporations’ hearts, the freedom to contract. More specifically, the ability to enter agreements with consultants aiding with legal defense strategies. At issue in this case was whether or not the fee arrangement […]

Realization of Income for IRS Purposes

Tax law can be overwhelming for many people in the business sector. To combat uneasiness and create a semblance of familiarity with tax obligations, Demorest Law provides the following synopsis of tax implications involved with sweat equity and property transfers: Sweat equity is most readily defined as the performance of a service for compensation. This […]