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Business Tips – Avoiding Trademark & Copyright Infringement

In this second installment of our three-part “Business Tips” series, we will be addressing the importance of choosing names which do not infringe upon trademarks, service marks, or other copyrights already owned by others.  For those unfamiliar with our series, we encourage you to read our previous article, “Business Tips – Naming Your Business.” The […]

Approval Given By Board Of Accountancy For Bookkeeping in Medical Marijuana Operations

CPA’s who wish to service clients in the medical marijuana industry no longer have to feel uncertain, as the Department and Board of Accountancy released a statement on  May 19, 2017 that a licensee may offer professional services to clients involved in the industry. Interested CPA’s are advised to maintain compliance with current professional standards […]

Seminars For Employers On Michigan Unemployment Insurance

The Michigan Talent Investment Agency (MTIA) is presenting a free informational seminar for employers about Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance System. These hour-long presentations will be offered between June 7th and September 15th and address three main sub-topics: Workplace Benefits, Tax Accounting, and Workplace Development. Any questions will be fielded by agents of MTIA and addressed during […]

Fail To Object, Write A Check

An “account stated” is a statement between a creditor and a debtor that settles the total amount of debt owed to the creditor. Establishment of an “account stated” by a creditor is helpful to defeat objections that are fabricated by the debtor after a lawsuit is commenced to collect the debt.  The Court of Appeals […]

Department of Labor’s New Overtime Rule Has Been Enjoined

The month of December usually signifies the beginning of a mad dash towards shopping malls; however, Christmas almost came early this year for over 4.2 million American workers. On December 1, 2016 the Department of Labor was slated to adopt a new “Overtime Rule.” This rule would raise the overtime eligibility of salaried employees from […]

Michigan One of Five States Accounting for Half of Business R&D in U.S.

The National Science Foundation recently reported that Michigan is one of five states accounting for half of the research and development paid for and performed by companies in the United States in 2013. California, Massachusetts, Texas and Washington also made the list. Research and development (R&D) is a tool for growing and improving businesses.  Investopedia […]