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Poorly Defined Contract Terms Could Spell Disaster For Your Company

The Court of Appeals decision in Jodi Perry v. Progressive (February 28, 2017, Unpublished Case No. 330966), should remind companies to remain vigilant in updating their contracts to clearly define the terms of their agreements. In Perry, the Plaintiff had been involved in a vehicle accident and filed a lawsuit against the Defendant insurance company […]

Court of Appeals Holds That Employers May Shorten The Time Period for Employees to Bring Lawsuits

The Court of Appeals recently upheld a provision in an employment contract that limited an employee’s ability to bring a claim against the employer after one-year. Sams v. Common Ground (Unpublished, Case Number 329600, decided January 17, 2017). In Sams, the terms of an employment contract prohibited claims against the employer after 1 year of […]

Court of Appeals Clarifies Businesses’ Duty to Protect Customers From Criminal Acts of Third Parties

In Tillman v. Perfect Pitcher Sports Pub (Case No. 328520, Unpublished), the Michigan Court of Appeals issued an opinion addressing the scope of a businesses’ duty to protect its customers from the criminal acts of third parties. In this case, Defendant, Perfect Pitcher Sports Pub, hired Plaintiff to perform as a DJ for the night. […]

Growing Responsibilities for Physician’s Assistants

House Bill 5533, addressing the scope of practice restrictions on physician assistants (PA’s), recently became law in Michigan.  Through House Bill 5533, the supervisory relationship between physicians and PA’s is changed by giving PA’s more autonomy in providing care for their patients. The language of previous bills has been reshaped, presumably to combat a shortage […]

Court of Appeals Clarifies Standard of Care that Applies to Participants in Recreational Activities

“A person who engages in a recreational activity is temporarily adopting a set of rules that define that particular pastime or sport. In many instances, the person is also suspending the rules that normally govern everyday life.” If you operate a business that involves any type of recreational activity – golfing, dancing, sailing, swimming, etc […]

February 10, 2017 Deadline for Small Businesses to File for Michigan Personal Property Tax Exemption

  MCL § 211.9o, also known as the “small business taxpayer personal property exemption”, allows small business owners to claim a complete exemption for industrial or commercial personal property when the following requirements are met: An Affidavit to Claim Small Business Tax Exemption (Form 5076) is timely filed by February 10, 2017. A link to […]

Terrence P. Stewart – Issues for Businesses to Consider Should the Incoming Administration Choose to Address the Trade Deficit in Part Through Trade or Tax Actions

Demorest Law Firm is a member of the International Society of Primerus Law Firms, an international network of smaller law firms. Stewart & Stewart is our affiliated firm in Washington, DC, and they are experts in international trade issues. Terry Stewart of that firm graciously gave us permission to post his article. During the campaign, […]

Milking the System

 Dairy providers in Michigan, as well as 14 other states, have reached a $52 million dollar settlement and you may be entitled to a piece of the pie.  The underlying lawsuit alleged that the dairy providers attempted to limit the production of raw farm milk by prematurely slaughtering cows, in order to illegally increase the […]


In continuing our pledge to keep our readers informed of the many nuances involving business and the law, we must now direct your attention to upcoming training seminars provided by MIOSHA. These helpful compliance workshops could spell the difference between violating standards and adhering to the strict safety guidelines that govern our respective workplaces. The […]

EEOC Issues New Enforcement Guidance Regarding Employee Retaliation Claims

From an employer standpoint, one of the worst things that can happen to a business is the breakup of the employer-employee dichotomy. People perform at their best when they believe that their supervisors are both fair and impartial. A culture of support must be adopted, and employees need to feel comfortable in voicing their objections […]