Is it Legal? Answers to Questions on Employment and Hospitality Law

This blog is part of a six-part series answering questions of interest to the hospitality industry. This blog focuses on guns on hotel property.  Please see our December 14, 2017 article for an introduction to this series of blogs.

The answers below are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.  You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem.

  1. Is there any law about a hotel accepting weapons for guests for safekeeping?  Are they required to do so?

There is no current law which requires a hotel to accept weapons for safekeeping.  The hotel may adopt a policy prohibiting weapons on the premises.  As explained further below, a hotel should provide a safe for guest articles in order to limit their liability for lost items.

  1. Do hotels have to allow people into the hotel with a gun?  What is the liability of the hotel if something like that happens?

A hotel may deny lodging to a guest carrying a firearm if it is against the hotel’s policy to have firearms on the property.  A private property owner has the right to prohibit individuals from carrying firearms on their property, whether concealed or otherwise, and regardless of whether the person is a CCW (“concealed carry weapon”) or CPL (“concealed pistol license”) holder.  Some Michigan hotels have adopted policies that prohibit the carrying of firearms at the hotel. If a person carrying a firearm remains on the property after being told to leave by the owner, the person may be charged with trespassing. MCL 750.552.