In continuing our pledge to keep our readers informed of the many nuances involving business and the law, we must now direct your attention to upcoming training seminars provided by MIOSHA. These helpful compliance workshops could spell the difference between violating standards and adhering to the strict safety guidelines that govern our respective workplaces.

The cost of attending one of these seminars falls between $90 and $240, depending on which seminar you choose to attend. Employers should also be aware of the fact that MTI students may be able to receive a 50% scholarship if they qualify by completing the required scholarship form three weeks before the training seminar, MTI Scholarship. We have attached the full list of upcoming January events, along with links to their respective sign-up pages and pricing, in order to expedite your evaluation of the training opportunities.

January 18 Excavations: The Grave Danger Clinton Township
January 18 Advanced Accident Investigation Cadillac
January 18 MIOSHA Recordkeeping & Cost of Injuries Grand Rapids
January 23 Part 2. Masonry Wall Bracing Grand Rapids
January 24 Health Hazards in Construction Bloomfield Hills
January 24 MIOSHA Construction – Part 45 Fall Protection Traverse City
January 24 Part 13. Mobile Equipment & Work Zone Safety Escanaba
January 24, 25, & 26 MIOSHA General Industry Ten Hour+ Houghton
January 25 Parts 42, 92, & 430 – Hazard Communication and Right to Know Requirements for General Industry and Construction Howell
January 25 Advanced Accident Investigation Muskegon


This article was written by Nezar Habhab, Law Clerk.


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