Congratulations to Stephen Dunn, Former Of Counsel to Demorest Law Firm, on the Publication of His New Book on Foreign Accounts Compliance

unknownDemorest Law Firm would like to congratulate its former of counsel attorney, Stephen Dunn, on the publication of his new book, Foreign Accounts Compliance.  Mr. Dunn is currently practicing at his own law firm, Dunn Counsel PLC.

Mr. Dunn’s new book can be found on Thomson Reuters website, through the link below.

The brief description of the book is provided as follows on Thomson Reuters:

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), at the behest of Congress, has in recent years been endeavoring to discover U.S. taxpayers’ noncompliant foreign accounts. Such taxpayers face draconian civil penalties and even criminal prosecution if the IRS discovers such financial accounts before they are voluntarily disclosed to the IRS. Foreign Accounts Compliance fills a void of published authority on U.S. taxpayers’ foreign financial accounts.

For anyone with questions on compliance with United States laws concerning foreign financial accounts, Mr. Dunn is a great resource and his office is located nearby in Troy, Michigan.

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